Which Operating System to use?

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Today we have a vast variety of operating systems to use. And each operating system has a vast variety of its own software. So here the big question arises which operating system is best for you? Which provides you the best opportunities? Which suits best for your workspace? Hope you find it after reading this.
For Business Servers
Microsoft Windows:
It won’t be difficult to obtain software or support for this OS as already a vast amount of business servers are already using this. The Windows OS has undergone many changes and versions, and for the advanced user it also has more management features than you may need.
On the other side windows are costly and as it have a vast user base many hackers are familiar with it. So security updates are important. Windows Server 2008 and 2012 are the current options for Microsoft Server OS.
Linux is a free alternative. Apart from the zero-cost factor, it’s still less prone to viruses than Windows. Most Linux machines start out as Windows computers that are reformatted. Linux is also adaptable. Linux is an OS kernel, not a full system, but is the heart of software distributions such as Ubuntu or Fedora.
One of the major flaw of Linux is that as it is a lesser known platform you will find it harder to administrators with the skills to configure and support the system in-house. These skills are generally less common in the market and therefore can be more costly. Linux Ubuntu Server and Solaris are the best option to look upon.
The Mac OS is designed to run only on Apple computers, and is less subject to hardware and software errors. As a plus point it is more secure in comparison to the rest of the option available. It is also much less prone to viruses. Mac has superior graphics in both visual appeal and capabilities; it’s always been the standard for professional graphic artists.
On the “cons” side, it’s only available on Apple computers, which tend to cost more than a comparable Windows model. In other words it is the most expensive in this list. And there are relatively few applications available that will run well on Mac systems. MAC OS X Server is a option for Apple server users.
Final Words:
Selecting the right platform is important for the health of your business. It’s worth building a test system running your preferred OS so you can spot any issues and check security and performance prior to going live, with minimal disruption for your users.
No operating system is perfect some are costly and other are hard to use or more vulnerable to attack. Choose the best for your business.
For Developers
Today there is a vast user base of developers and programmers but choosing the best operating system depends upon the language you want to learn.
Microsoft Windows: C#, Visual Studio, Windows OS Software Development , Windows Phone Development, Java, MATLAB, .NET Framework, DirectX, Kinect
Linux: Open Source softwares, Java, Python, C, C++ (These languages can be done on the other two, but best done in Linux due to availability of Libraries and frameworks), Web Development
Mac OS X: Swift, Objective C, X code, iOS Development, Mac OS X development, Android Development (although it can be done on Windows, I included it in Mac OS X because most of Google employees use Mac OS X or a variant of Ubuntu for Android Development), Java, MATLAB, Unity.

Final Words
I don’t think developers should stop themselves on only one platform, They can use multiple operating system on a single machine. There are software available like VirtualBox, Vim to use multiple OS. (Of course excluding MAC OS
For Gamers:
Gaming is a complete different thing. Each OS has its own positive and negative factors when it comes to running online games.
Microsoft Windows:
For online gaming, there is no better OS than Windows, a version of Microsoft’s flagship product. While the OS comes in several varieties, perhaps the most stable and effective type is the Windows 7 Home 64-bit edition. Windows 7 supports DirectX version 11 video rendering, which provides the most true-to-life graphical effects for online games. In addition, the 64-bit versions of Windows 7 allow a greater color depth to be displayed than would otherwise be possible. However, Windows 7 does have the greatest instability of all the versions and occasionally suffers from incompatibility issues, especially with older games. Some of the instability issues in this version of Windows were addressed in Windows 8 (win8). Other versions available from Microsoft are Windows 8.1,Microsoft 10.

Linux, an open-source operating system, which was developed along the same lines as UNIX without using any actual UNIX code, is an extremely popular OS among computer modders and server administrators. As it is a third-party system, very few games are developed that can be used on Linux systems without modification. However, there are several workarounds that Linux programmers have developed in order to allow popular Windows games to run in a Linux environment. The SuperGamer distribution of Linux is optimized for gaming with high levels of graphical resolution and rendering and exceptional stability compared to Windows and OS X. However, users must also install a Windows emulator in order to play most games. Also Ubuntu comes with preinstalled Windows emulator. Options under Linux OS are Linux SuperGamer and Ubuntu.
Apple, Microsoft’s biggest competitor, developed the MAC OS X operating system in 1999, basing it off of the UNIX architecture in systems the company had recently purchased. Since then, Apple has released six distinct iterations of the system, each of them named after large cats. OS X has proven successful mainly because, compared to Windows, it is extremely stable and virus-free. While it supports many of the same graphical features as Windows 7, OS X has a different architecture, which leads many game manufacturers to either ignore it or release different distributions specifically for Macs. One recent improvement in OSX is that it actually runs Windows! Available with several version of the OS is a program called Parallels and another called Boot Camp, that allows your Mac system to run Windows 7, Windows 8, and later versions.

Final Words
Of Course it is clear that the best operating system to be used for gaming is Microsoft windows. Both Linux as well as Mac indirectly use Microsoft Windows environment to run Games.

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